About EdmondMarks

Our Mission

A superior outsourcing solution that is flexible, accurate and cost effective. It is our philosophy, our mission, to provide the highest level of technology services with a focus on customer service. Project management professionals will insure timely delivery and communication.

Focus on Quality

In addition to ISO 9001:2015 quality systems and lean Six Sigma initiatives, we have a tightly integrated quality and business systems. Our company wide goal is to provide superior performance in quality, delivery and service to our customers.

The Difference

Through decades of experience and R&D, we have been able to develop proprietary processes to address the most complex assembly issues. Every assembly, every printed circuit board is scanned, recorded and monitored through every assembly step through a custom routing system developed by EdmondMarks. Every computer on our network has the ability to view status of any serial number, the technicians that have worked on it, along with all historical/quality data.

Electronic Manufacturing Services